Impact Christian Church Members Build Home for Family in Need

Members of the Moon Township church on Saturday will hammer together a church

Dale Lowry, director of worship for said it's all about lending a helping hand.

Lowry alongside more than 150 others, many of them members of the Thorn Run Road church, will meet on Saturday to construct the frame of a house, assembling interior and exterior walls for a home that will soon belong to a family in need. 

"It's about being there for those who are less fortunate," Lowry said. "It's just what being a follower of Christ is all about." 

The home will be taken to the tornado-hammered Holden, IN, where it will be placed on a foundation with a roof built overhead. 

Church members and volunteers have few details about the family that will one day occupy the home, but they know it will go to a good cause. 

"The town was hit with a tornado on March 2 of this year," Lowry said. 

Impact Christian Church is working alongside the Kentucky-based Crossroads Church for the project. Crossroads volunteers will deliver building supplies and help transport the finished frame and walls to Indiana.

Lowry said in just two weeks Impact Christian Church gathered more than 100 volunteers for the project and raised $7,000, primarily from church members. 

The Pittsburgh-area Norwin Christian Church will also build two homes headed for Holden as a part of the project. 

"We have everything from water boys and girls, who will work their way around during the day, to a kitchen crew that will supply dinner and lunch to more skilled workers for the house," he said.

Check back with Patch for coverage of the home-build. 


Rick Weiss September 07, 2012 at 03:37 PM
Thanks to Dale for taking the lead on this project that will be such a blessing to a family in Indiana.


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