Patch Real Estate: 10 Robinson, Moon Homes New on the Market

A look at the most recently listed homes in Moon and Robinson townships, courtesy of Zillow. Click the links to view individual home listings.

Moon Township: 

1. 1530 Dunhill Court, Moon Township, PA, 15108

2. 200 Beagle Drive, Moon Township, PA, 15108

3. 4041 Turnwood Lane, Moon Township, PA, 15108

4. 7061 Berringer Court, Moon Township, PA, 15108

5. 224 Oakhaven Drive, Moon Township, PA, 15108


Robinson Township:

1. 1049 Silver Lane, Robinson, PA, 15136

2. 15 Castle View Drive, Robinson, PA, 15136

3. 224 Clever Road, Robinson, PA, 15136

4. 100 Connie Park Drive, Robinson, PA, 15136 

5. 1012 Sudance Drive, Robinson, PA, 15136


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