Moon Employee Sues Municipal Authority, Claims 'Religious Discrimination'

A former Moon municipal worker has claimed he was removed from his job because of his religious beliefs.

A Moon Township municipal employee has filed a federal lawsuit claiming workplace religious discrimination lead to his suspension from work. 

In the suit filed Tuesday, Moon resident Reagan Madden alleges the Moon Township Municipal Authority penalized him and removed him from his position due to a conflict over his religious beliefs and the church he attended. 

Madden began working for the township on a temporary basis in 2002. He was hired as a full-time employee in 2004, according to the filing. 

Madden was hospitalized following a heart attack in 2010. The former utility worker claims after his return to work, he was ordered by the authority to perform manual labor, including heavy lifting, against his doctor's orders.

He said municipal authority director John Riley, who is named as a defendant in the suit, refused to temporarily place him in a customer service position during his recovery as a "retaliatory" measure due to Madden's religious beliefs.

Madden was hospitalized for a second time in 2010 as a result of performing manual labor at work, according the to suit.

His attorney's said he is "willing to return to work," but in a position that does not involve heavy physical exertion.

He claims that the municipal authority will not accommodate his disability.

"Defendant Riley informed Madden if and when he returned to work he would be assigned to the crew performing heavy construction," the lawsuit alleges. 

In the complaint, Madden said Riley "frequently asked Madden about about his church practices during work hours."

Madden seeks reinstatement to his position and the payment of monetary damages, including reimbursement of attorney costs.


Click the media above the view the full filing.



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Robert February 20, 2013 at 12:42 PM
Wait is this 'Religious Discrimination' or against Doctors orders causing him to have another attack? Sounds a little fishy to me, or mayb thats just beacause its Lent... Oh so it is religious....


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