Letter to the Editor: 'Stand Up for Working Families, Not Wall Street'

In a letter to the editor, a Moon Township resident calls for Washington lawmakers to focus on jobs, not the national deficit.

Yet another fiscal showdown is about to begin and Republicans are bent on holding the economy hostage again, like they did last summer, to get their way after they raised the debt ceiling 18 times under George W. Bush's spending for 8 years.

Republicans want to bully us into believing cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits and other dangerous budget cuts—such as those that would take food aid from hungry children, weaken education and food safety and let our bridges and roads crumble—are the only thing we should be talking about. 

It’s time to stand up to their bullying. We can’t let them take our economy hostage by threatening to drive it into the ground. 

Working families shouldn’t take the hit again so we can maintain expensive tax loopholes for Wall Street, drug companies, corporations that outsource jobs and the richest 2 percent of Americans. 

The most serious economic challenge facing America is the continuing jobs crisis, not the deficit or the national debt. 

Our priorities should be creating jobs by investing in infrastructure and education, raising wages, reducing inequality and increasing economic security for working people. And we can do it by first ending tax giveaways for Wall Street and the richest 2 percent. 

Call your congressman and senators today telling them to stand up for working families and not the ruling class who were responsible for taking our economy into an economic abyss.

—John Augustine, Moon Township. 

Dan January 10, 2013 at 10:58 PM
Do you really think the government can spend it's way out of this mess. Can't blame companies if they outsource jobs. Try keeping the government out of the way. If you have money to invest are you going to put it where you get the best interest rate? I'll bet you would. Obama gave tons of money for GM to have most of it's cars made in China. Good investment for the American people? I think not. Everyone wants to blame the big companies, it's our own fault. Walmart sells an awful lot of produce every year. Most isn't made in this country, but it's cheap and we buy it. What do you think will happen when other countries quit lending us money? Many things need to go away, like the bama phones, food stamp program that allow people to eat at McDonalds or buy pizza. Military and government waste. You can't spend yourself in prosperity. Try it....
john augustine January 19, 2013 at 05:13 PM
Dan, you are misinformed about the history of our federal budget and economics.....in fact, economic history shows that we cannot CUT our way out of this mess either and it requires a balanced approach which the maniac Rs in Congress just don't get while their god RayGun knew by raising taxes four times and yes, he TAXED the rich with rates far greater than they are now. Our federal budget is the lowest per capita it has been since 1950 while the rich get away with paying nothing and middle class pay more and working poor much more since all the other taxes are regressive...BO did NOT give money to GM....they are paying it back and NO, the cars were made HERE in US and if Rs had their way, the cars would have been made in China and overseas after the firesale to them of GM....Dan, I don't have the time to educate you but remember this, you can have your own opinion but NOT your own FACTS.
john augustine January 19, 2013 at 05:27 PM
Our President has spent less per capita than any other President in our history but Dan and other clueless folks continue the lies and deceptions about who spent the federal deficit....when BO became President in 2009, Bush had already signed on the Tarp for a trillion dollars to bail out the criminal banks who took our economy down....they he had to put on the budget (which Bush left off budget) the two wars, his big pharma giveaway prescription drub bill, tax cuts that went mostly to the rich which totalled about 5 trillion....BO spent about 800B on stimulus which every nonpartisan economist has said without it, we would have gone into a depression and passed an affordable healthcare bill that is going to actually save the government money in coming years and require every american to have health insurance (btw a Republican idea) and require insurance companies to actually spend our premiums on healthcare and not bonuses, profits and advertising for viagra drugs....the reason why the economy is slowly coming back is the Rs have blocked hundreds of jobs bills and filibustered 385 bills in senate unprecedented so the will of the people who elected BO twice cannot see their policies get passed....also, when the criminal banks on wall street took our economy into the abyss, the Rs blocked BO to help states and local govts shore up lost revenue from crash allowing economy to bounce back quicker but these rats have done everything to block policies in best interest of americans
clearfield January 19, 2013 at 11:22 PM
Dan, You can think what you wish, and you can create a reality that justifies your belief system. GM continues to assemble cars in the United States. Yes, many parts are made overseas, as are most foreign cars sold in the US. Here are some facts: China has grown for one reason alone, and that is their central bank continues to stimulate their economy with new roads, bridges, rails, and freight yards. They continue to sink billion of yuan into their expanding supply chain mechanisms allowing manufacturers to have their parts, packaging and shipping all extremely close. Their government is not as free market as the US because a great many corporations must allow the Chinese government to control a big portion of the manufacturing. Those free market capitalists in the US who go over there don't seem to complain, but when it happens here, like the partnership with GM, you and others yell from the rooftops. If you are so upset, then stop shopping at Walmart and buy only American made products. You seem to forget that austerity is what stops an economy significantly. Any "stimulus" created by the government to keep people from starving or losing their homes, etc. keeps local economies alive. Every penny people get in government support is all spent in local communities. You stop that, and the economy collapses. GM bailout created a nice multiplier effect. Military spending does not. Spending is what keeps the people and nation growing. Spending creates jobs. Wake up.


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