Proposed Plan Would Eliminate Moon Public Transit Service

Port Authority Service reductions could impact the Airport Flyer and the Moon Flyer.

Public transportation in Moon might soon be a thing of the past.

Moon Township bus routes are set to be eliminated as a part of the Allegheny County Port Authority's proposed 35 percent reduction in service.

The Airport Flyer bus will cut all service beyond the Robinson Towne Center on weekdays and weekends, ending outbound service to the Pittsburgh International Airport and possibly necessitating a name change for the route, according to the authority.

The Moon Flyer also would be eliminated. Other communities slated to lose Port Authority service include North Fayette, Edgeworth, Forest Hills and Verona.

Service changes are expected to take effect Sept. 2.

Each of the Port Authority's 102 bus routes will be scaled back, with more than half of them eliminated as a part of the service reduction, a result of statewide transportation cuts slated to begin in September. The authority estimates that 45,000 riders throughout its coverage area will be impacted.

Bus fare on a multiple routes, including the cost of purchasing a weekly, monthly or annual transit pass, will increase under the proposed plan. Riders faced increased fare costs earlier this year.

The Port Authority faces a $64 million projected deficit this fiscal year. State aid that comprises more than half of the authority's revenue has declined while fuel and retirement costs for the agency have risen.

The authority's board is scheduled to meet April 27 to finalize the reducation plan and fare increases. In November 2010, the board authorized a similar 35 percent reduction cut, but then-Gov. Ed Rendell authorized $45 million in emergency aid, reducing the cuts to 15 percent.

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The Dude January 19, 2012 at 12:39 PM
Here's an idea. Let the PA go under and start over. We have all heard the stories of bus driver pulling in 6 figures and people who have retired getting very good life long benefits. Not saying that they don't deserve it, but something has to change. The PA cannot continue to bleed and come to the state to be bailed out with tax payer money.
Clinton mom January 19, 2012 at 01:52 PM
Maybe the PA should just shut down - seems like they are shooting themselves in the foot. From where will they get their customers? Eliminating service seems counter productive. Why not try to expand their customer base? There are many home schooling families who would like an economical alternative to taking their children to the museum, symphony or other attractions around town. College students (besides Pitt) would greatly benefit from discount rates. Perhaps trying to serve the public by being customer-friendly would gain the PA more ridership and increase their revenues.
Drew January 19, 2012 at 02:23 PM
Time to let CEO Steve Bland go. How can you raise rates year after year and still have a faulty business model? The answer is you're paying your employees too much money. Bus drivers without a college education pulling 90K and retiring w/ full benefits and a hefty pension. Forget it. This rate hike and service shutdown will end the port authority. Think 64 million deficit is bad, how about when 50% of your loyal customers drop service. Pittsburgh is far from the most live-able city w/ these hacks running the port authority.
Rita January 19, 2012 at 10:20 PM
It is embarrassing for a city of our size to have such an inept public transportation system. Hmmm.. let's see.... build a subway that will go less than a mile under the river, or develop a network of bus routes that will actually bring people into the city........
seen2mch January 20, 2012 at 11:53 PM
In the early 60`s ,the saturation point of private companies being able to provide and meet the needs of mass transit and still make a profit was reached and public transit companies were created. Providing transit service for the poor,elderly and working class was never meant to be a profit making endeavor. Do ya really think that the nations transit agencies are all stupid? If you can`t make the connection between attacks on teachers ,police ,firefighters,transit employees,etc. you are oblivious and naive as to what has been and is going on in our nation. Careful what you wish for or you`ll be paying $20 one way. Don`t believe me?....call Lenzner Coach lines and ask how taking over those few PA routes from North Hills is working for them.
Georgiann July 05, 2012 at 06:59 PM
If you eliminate the bus routes in Moon Township, you will cripple hundreds of people that work in Pittsburgh. The parkingn garages are completely filled now. Can you imagine people fighting for a parking place? Car pools won't be helpful if there is not enough places to park. Elimination will cripple people here in this townshp. Please make it work even if you need to raise the fares again.


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