Jalena is a Friendly Little Girl Who Would Love a Good Lap

The 2-year-old cat has very special needs and seeks a special someone who can help her through tough times.

Jalena is easy to love!

She's a friendly and vocal 2-year-old cat who has lived with dogs and cats before and gotten along with everyone. She is used to being handled, picked up and having her nails trimmed. Jalena is a healthy eater and likes catnip. She's a beautiful, friendly little girl who would love a good lap and somebody to watch TV with. You can see how playful she is in her video.

Jalena is a very special cat with some very special needs. She suffers from a chronic urinary tract infection. But, her symptoms are easily controlled. Jalena needs a nice quiet home. Chaos and noise can make her condition flare up. She'd also like a good healthy diet for her kidneys.

Jalena is still looking for that special someone who can help her through her tough times. Sadly, her previous owners have not been able to work with her. If you think you can, please contact an Animal Friends adoption counselor for a meeting!


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