Montour Run Watershed Association Plans to Stabilize Stream Banks

As Montour Run's stream banks continue to erode, the Montour Run Watershed Association makes plans to control the problem.

The Montour Run Watershed Association plans this year to curb the effects of stream bank erosion throughout Moon, Robinson, Coraopolis, North Fayette and Findlay.

The stream bank erosion affects several business and private property owners, particularly in Moon and Robinson Townships. Montour Run also is eating away at the banks along the Montour Trail, the recreational trail that bisects Allegheny County from Moon Township to Clairton.

"Both public and private properties are threatened by the stream erosion, which is why a lot of locals are getting involved," said Mark Fedosick, president of the Montour Run Watershed Association. "People are donating their time and equipment to help the watershed association control the erosion."

Private property owners affected by the erosion have teamed up with the Montour Run Watershed Association to apply for a $155,000 state Growing Greener grant. If awarded, this grant would provide the funding to use natural methods to stabilize the banks.

One such method involves placing rocks at strategic locations in the stream to divert the flow of water away from the stream banks. The association also plans to plant tree root bundles in the banks in an effort to keep soil intact.

Along with the stream bank erosion, the Montour Run Watershed Association faces another challenge: a small tributary known as Milk Run.

Milk Run is small, but it is very polluted and affects the whole watershed, Fedosick said. Its milky appearance comes from aluminum discharged from an abandoned coal mine.

"Another one of our goals is to build a passive treatment system to get the metals out of the water," said Fedosick. "However, this would be an expensive endeavor and would require a separate grant."

Check back with Patch for updates on Montour Run Watershed Association's progress with these projects.


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