Moon Cross Country Runners Offer Fitness Tips

Looking to get into shape? Moon Area runners give pointers.

Summer might be winding down, but it's not too late to dust off those running shoes. 

Members of the boys cross country team share some tips and advice to residents looking to hit the road to get in shape. 

You are what you eat

It might seem like a no-brainer: A proper diet can lead to success for new runners. 

"You got to eat right," said senior runner Tyler Willson. "Mostly it just comes from training. You just need experience as a runner. Anyone who's running for the first time isn't going to be running at a really high level."

Wilson said runners should work to control their breathing, which can help them better manage a long work out. 

Stretch out

Senior Don Behm said runners should try to use good form while working out to avoid injury.

He also said new runners should pair up with someone more experienced to get the most out of their work out. 

"Training with someone who can work with you is important," Behm said. 

Behm said runners need to keep muscles, tendons and ligaments in condition to withstand the stress running places on the body. 

He recommends varying workouts and "stretching every chance you get." 

Go for the goal

"Always set goals for yourself that are achievable," said junior runner Chris Culley. "Always push that boundary." 

Culley said novice runners might quickly become discouraged if they set goals too lofty. 

The boys and girls cross country teams will face off at 3:30 p.m. today against Quaker Valley High School in a season scrimmage. 


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