Moon Schools Okays Renaming Middle School, Contracting Custodial Jobs

The district approves support personnel staffing revisions.

The  narrowly approved a measure to outsource district custodial positions to the firm Global Management Solutions. 

The board in a 5-to-4 vote approved using contract employees to fill two custodial positions in the district. 

The non-union positions will be vacated through attrition. No furloughs will come as a result of the move. 

Board members Gia Tatone, Dennis Harbaugh, Samuel Tranter and Laura Schisler voted "no" on the measure. 

"We just wish they would hold off on it until there is more discussion," Schisler said. 

The board convened for a lengthy executive session prior to its regular meeting. Board president Sandy McCurdy said board members discussed the use of contract workers for custodial services during the closed session. 

Support staffers again appeared at the board's monthly meeting as a show of solidarity, said Susan White, a furloughed Moon Area School District secretary. 

The board approved a series of furloughs and staffing revisions earlier this year. Last month, 

Global Management Solutions, based in Ellwood City, specializes in providing contract maintenance, cleaning and facility management workers, according to its website

The board also voted to rename the district's newly renovated middle school. The building will be called the Moon Area Upper Middle School for grades seven and eight, who will be housed on the building's second floor, and the Moon Area Lower Middle School for students in grades five and six. 

The district will open the building at the beginning of the school year on Sept. 5. Prior to its renovation, the building served as the district's high school.

Louisa August 28, 2012 at 12:19 PM
Good, farming out this work may result in cleaner schools. If these two contractors do their jobs well, let's outsource all cleaning and maintenance jobs! For years I have thought our buildings are appallingly dirty and dusty compared to other commercial and business establishments.
moon mom 1013 August 28, 2012 at 02:00 PM
I am not a furloughed employee here at MASD but I have been in their shoes. I think this is horrible.........lets build a brand new beautiful school and then screw with all of the employees that have dedicated their time to these students. We will get rid of all of their hours/benefits and outsourse their jobs. And we are talking minimal salaried jobs. You are messing with families in our community, not to mention our students. For you board members that are lliving your life (out of reality) in luxury in the most expensive houses in moon, I hope you can sleep at night. It starts with outsourcing these jobs, you are taking money out of Moon and putting it in other communities. Look what happened to Moon's economy when USAir pulled out of here......
RealMoonResident August 28, 2012 at 03:27 PM
Do we know who these people will be ? How thorough are the background checks ? Do we rely on the contracting company's word that the checks were thorough and the results understood, or does the district do this ?


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