NVR Acquires Heartland Homes

Heartland Homes is managed by an Upper St. Clair High School graduate.

Heartland Homes is now part of NVR, Inc.

NVR completed the acquistition on the second largest homebuilder in Pittsburgh on Dec. 31.

NVR will continue to market under the Heartland Homes name, which is a  compliment to NVR's Ryan Homes business. 

"Heartland's operating strategy, which includes pre-selling homes and purchasing finished lots from land developers, is consistent with NVR's "asset light" business model. In addition, NVR intends to expand the size of Heartland's business within the Pittsburgh market as the housing recovery continues over the next several years," according to the NVR press release.

Heartland Homes was founded in 1984 by Alan "Gus" Gillespie of Upper St. Clair.  Gus is the son-in-law of the late Ed Ryan, founder of Ryan Homes in 1948. Gus' son, Edward Martin "Marty" Gillespie, became president of Heartland Homes in 2005. Marty will continue to manage the Heartland business. Marty is an Upper St. Clair High School graduate.

Ted Taylor 4 January 04, 2013 at 03:51 PM
Could you please publish this article on the PT Patch as well. They are building in Peters Township too....Thank You! :-)
Angry Bear January 04, 2013 at 10:27 PM
What does this do to the proposed Bedner Farm development?
Becky Brindle January 11, 2013 at 12:36 PM
Thanks for your question. Here's what I found out - http://patch.com/A-0ZlV
Stacie July 03, 2013 at 10:32 PM
My best advice if you are thinking of building with Heartland is to Stay Away! I wish there was a way to give them zero stars: Moved into our home in November of 2012. It is now June 2013 and we are still fighting with them to complete the project. Because of improper installation, they have already had to tear up our basement floor. Our basement door has been "fixed" multiple times, but still continues to leak. The flooring company has had to come out no less than four times to fix mistakes in the hardwood flooring installation and have had to pull up carpeting to fix crooked flooring underneath. We have also had to have holes filled in our driveway already due to erosion. By far, the worst issue we have experienced is with our yard. Simply stated, it is still a mud pit and continues to flood. We have no grass, just mud....paired with empty promises from Heartland that they will eventually fix it. I have never seen a company so excited to take your money and then have absolutely no customer service. We are currently on project manager #2, who blames all of the mistakes on the one that was supposedly fired. Sadly, many of the subcontractors have said that they were surprised that we have had only two project managers throughout this project so far. We have been told most people have 3-4. Yesterday, I spent three hours off of work to take one of my dogs to the emergency vet. Apparently, he had consumed stagnant water from our backyard (our flooding backyard) and he picked up a pretty bad parasite, which can not only be passed to our other dogs, but to other people! $375 later, he is doing much better. No one at this company will return calls. If you are considering building with Heartland, you should first check out their ratings on BBB. I wish we would have done the same. Please feel free to contact me at stacieklishis@gmail.com if you need to see pictures or need more information.


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