Unofficial Results Show Murphy Wins Congressional Race

Incumbent Tim Murphy beat Peters Township native Evan Feinberg in the race for 18th District.

Five-time Republican incumbent is on his way to a sixth term as representative of the 18th Congressional District.

Murphy over challenger native .

Murphy will face Democratic Washington County Comissioner  in the November general election. 

“We have so many good people here, I want to thank everybody,” Murphy said to supporters at the Clarion Hotel in Green Tree. “What an army of people we had out there who were working hard all the time. It’s time for me to be grateful and thank all of you.”

The November election will focus on representing the people of the district and letting them know they have a voice with him, Murphy said.

“It’s not about any county or any one area, it’s about the people all over the district,” Murphy said. “They all have the right to be heard and represented and I want to give them that voice. We have a very diverse population in this area and we want to make sure they’re all heard.”

Murphy said he’s had the opportunity to meet and work with people through the district over the past few years and considers it an honor to represent them.

Steve Fischer, who works for the office of Washington County District Attorney Gene Vittone and was among Murphy's supporters at the hotel, said Murphy has represented the district well.

“It’s not a surprise,” Fischer said. “Murphy has made an excellent case for why he should continue to be our representative, and it has showed in the polls. He has worked very closely and has done a very good job for us.”

Feinberg, 28, of Upper St. Clair, said he fought long and hard whlle seeking the position.

"Running for Congress is not an easy thing for someone who is not part of the establishment," he said. "What was easy was speaking from the heart and pursuading people that the things that make America great are the solutions to the country's problems."

One of the key issues of the campaign, Feinberg said, was ensuring a better future for his 11-month-old son, Luke, who appeared in some of his advertisements.

"Luke was the star of the campaign," he said. "A lot of people were giving me a thumbs up at the polls. They said they were voting for Luke's dad. His future is the most important thing. Are we going to leave Luke a country of fiscal greatness, or a lesser quality of life? If Murphy is our leader, we're going to have a difficult time."

Feinberg said he and his wife now will discuss what's next for them. 

"God's got exciting things for us," he said. "We'll be talking and praying and searching for what's next. 

"I appreciate all of the people of Western PA who got excited about my campaign. I thank all the volunteers who knocked on doors and spread the word," he said. "It's a truly humbling and awesome experience to have so many people believe in me."

Feinberg's campaign manager Michael Lyons chimed in. 

"None of this would have been possible without the people of southwestern PA,” he said. “It’s been a great few months and a pleasure to be a part of this ride. We thank everyone who helped us along the way.”

Stillers Fan April 25, 2012 at 05:16 PM
I'm surprised Evan's accusations of Murphy being a Cleveland fan failed! Wow pathetic! Stick to actual issues... Go back to popping zits in the mirror kid!
Just Chuck April 26, 2012 at 11:27 AM
Great! Nothing is going to change. I hope you are stocking up on food and ammo.


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