Participation Declines in Moon Comprehensive Planning Process

Find out how you can get involved.

said participation has waned in the township's latest comprehensive planning process. 

"Public participation is just not as high as we'd like it to be," said township manager Jeanne Creese. 

Every ten years, the township convenes a committee of residents and community stakeholders, representing entities such as the county airport authority and , to map a blueprint for Moon's residential and commercial growth in the coming decade. 

Moon kicked off its in April 2011, but attendance at the meetings has dwindled in recent months. 

Township planning director Adam McGurk said participation in the comprehensive planning process was more robust ten years ago because the township sought to overhaul land division and zoning. 

"When you're looking at changing zoning, you're going to have people show up," McGurk said. "This year's plan was looked at as more of an update to the last plan, which may be why participation is not as high." 

What is the comprehensive plan?

As mandated by state law, the township must devise a comprehensive plan every ten years. 

The comprehensive plan is viewed as an overarching guide for planning and land use in the township. Elected officials and township administrators can refer to the non-binding document while creating ordinances or working with developers and land owners in the coming years, according to the Pennsylvania Governor's Center for Local Government Services.

In short, the plan provides a roadmap for how Moon could evolve during the next decade. Township supervisors must approve the final version of the plan. 

The comprehensive planning process largely hinges on public participation and input.  

Why is the plan important?

McGurk said the township hopes to gauge community opinion on different types of potential land use and development in the township.

"We're trying to measure different types of amenities and see what's important to residents," McGurk said. "Input is very important." 

He said though some members of the committee have remained active during the process, the township would like more input from Moon residents at large. 

When are the meetings?

The comprehensive planning committee is scheduled to convene once monthly, and the next meeting is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Oct. 10. The September meeting was cancelled. 

The meetings are open to the public. 

If I'm interested in the planning process, how do I get involved?

Contact planning director Adam McGurk at amgurk@moontwp.com. 


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