Moon Purchases $109K in Radio Equipment

The township made a series of purchases to comply with Federal Communications Commission mandates.

Moon Township will purchase more than $100,000 in radio equipment and will install a new communications transmitter in Robinson Township to comply with new Federal Communications Commission requirements. 

Public safety and business land radio systems across the country must reduce their broadcasting bandwidth to comply with new FCC standards by Jan 1.

The FCC initiated the process, known as narrow banding, nearly two decades go to ensure that there is more broadcasting spectrum access for public safety and non-public safety users. 

Moon's Board of Supervisors earlier this month approved the purchase of $109,968.75 in radio communications equipment from Motorola Solutions to comply with the mandate. 

The board also approved an agreement with the firm Staley Communications to install radio communication equipment at a cost of $18,772 in labor and $8,744.66 in equipment.

Crews will install the equipment on the Ewing's Mill Road Tower in Robinson Township, in an effort to reduce radio "dead spots" experienced by first-responders in Moon, said Moon Police Chief Leo McCarthy at the board's October meeting. 

Moon Township's police and fire departments must reduce their broadcasting bandwidth from the current 25-megahertz to 12-and-a-half megahertz by 2013. 

The efforts to improve the township's broadcasting systems are funded through the local services tax—the $52 per-year fee paid by individuals who are employed in the township. 

The township expects that it will spend more than $200,000 on the project throughout the year, Creese said earlier this year.  


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