Moon Plans Upgrades to Montour Run, Beaver Grade Intersection

Township officials say motorists have long complained of the Moon and Robinson-area intersection.

After years of delays, car crashes and complaints from residents, a traffic signal is needed at the intersection of Montour Run and Beaver Grade roads, Moon officials said. 

Moon Planning Director Adam McGurk said the township's traffic engineer has recommended installing a signalized left-turn lane in the intersection. 

L.R. Kimball, which serves as the township's traffic engineer, performed a study of the intersection, devising six possible ways to make traffic flow more smoothly in the area. 

The township will submit the plan to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for review and approval. 

The intersection now sees lengthy delays during peak traffic hours, particularly for motorists making a lefthand turn toward Clever Road. 

Robinson Township Police now respond to accidents in the intersection though it sits on the border between the two townships. 

"We get a lot of comments from residents that it's not safe," said Township Manager Jeanne Creese. "Most of the people who have a concern with the intersection are traveling to and from Moon." 

If okayed by PennDOT, the project will cost the township an estimated $473,000. 

The township currently has $107,000 in escrow from the developers of the nearby Sonoma Ridge housing plan to use toward improvements in the intersection, said Marv Eicher, chairman of the

No timeline is yet available for a completion of the improvements.  

Kevin Beaudin September 07, 2012 at 02:45 PM
Where you really need a light is at the intersection of Beaver Grade, Sonoma Ridge, and Cherington Manor. Too many houses creating a situation where too many cars converge on the same point going way too fast in any one of six directions. Someone is going to die there. It's just a matter of time.


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