Moon Launches Comprehensive Plan Process

A blueprint for residential and commercial development the task of 20-member panel.

Moon officials and residents last night began the yearlong process of creating a blueprint for the township's residential and commercial development over the next 10 years.

The township convened its comprehensive plan committee last night for its first meeting of the year. The 20-member group will meet throughout the year to submit recommendations for Moon's growth.

Members of the committee include township officials, residents and representatives from organizations that include and the Allegheny County Airport Authority.

The state-mandated comprehensive plan process occurs every decade. Township Manager Jeanne Creese said many of the objectives created for Moon in its 2000 plan largely have been reached. The final plan will be completed in about a year.

"In Moon, a lot of those objectives [created in the 2000 comprehensive plan] have been hit," Creese said. "We know a yearlong study like this is difficult, but we really hope [committee members] stick with us for it."

The comprehensive plan serves as a nonbinding, comprehensive set of guidelines and goals for future growth in the township. Committee members yesterday suggested that the plan include an emphasis on economic growth in Moon, including attracting more restaurants and retail businesses.

"If you look at it, Beaver Grade Road is really a secondary road," said committee member Allan Wampler, president of Greenock, PA-based Synergy Real Estate. "It needs widened, it needs infrastructure, but there is a stability here. There is continuity, reasonableness. I think you are hitting this [comprehensive plan] at just the right time."

D. Jeffry Pierce, director of community planning at Butler-based Olsen & Associates, which Moon has contracted to put together the plan, said the ultimate goal of the project is to oversee growth in the township and address residents' concerns.

"If you plan this well, you can really improve the quality of life in the township," Pierce said.

Susan Andrick April 14, 2011 at 12:42 PM
Please include sidewalks throughout the township and especially along Beaver Grade Road. Most communities I visit that I find much more appealing have sidewalks. It is safer and more community friendly. Please, Please, Please put in sidewalks.
clearfield April 14, 2011 at 01:50 PM
The last comp plan was a complete failure. One major goal was to improve the center of the community with a town center concept. That was a big failure. We had a manager then who failed to tighten up the ordinances so that a big box store could not come into the center of our "town center" vision. Money spent on the comp plan was a big waste. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Official back then!!!! Yes Susan, where are the sidewalks! We have sidewalks to nowhere, and the supervisors continuously allow sidewalks to be traded off for something else. Instead of the Walmart being built on Business 60, where it should have gone, no--our officials and paid staff allowed it, via unchanged zoning ordinances, to be built in the center of town. We really don't need a revised comp plan, what is needed is to rewrite the ordinances so they have teeth. The worst case scenario has already happened--a full size Walmart coming to town. "Welcome To Walmart's Moon Township" will read the sign. What needed to be on that site was a small Walmart with a mixed use development plan. Robert Morris U president--where was your voice on this? Silent, therefore nodding for a Supersized Walmart. http://moontownshippa.blogspot.com


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