Duquesne Light Moves Wiring on McCutcheon Way

After months of discussion over the McCutcheon Way landslide repair, new problems emerge.

Crescent officials said a landslide on McCutcheon Way has begun to interfere with utility poles.

Members of the Crescent Township Board of Commissioners last night said Duquesne Light has moved wiring so residents do not lose power as a result of poles being pushed in the slide, but commissioners believe further action may be needed.

The , which discovered in May, forced the township to shutter the roadway, which leads to Shouse Park. The road remains closed to motorists.

Board president Bill Cook made a motion to allot more money to allow a geo-engineering firm to reassess the landslide. The motion was approved in a 5-0 vote. No specific amount of money was allotted for the work.

At last night's first monthly business meeting of 2012, Crescent Township's Board of Commissioners were once again faced with problems surrounding the McCutcheon Way landslide.

Last year, the township spent $14,835 on a geotechnical assessment of the slide and another $2,000 to prepare the road for the study.

Commissioners also discussed ways to inform Crescent Township residents about a warming center that they plan to make available during harsh winter weather.

Board members re-elected Bill Cook as president of the board during its reorganization meeting and re-elected Karen Patton as vice president. Both Cook and Patton were selected in a 5-0 vote.

President Cook assigned board members to the same committees they represented last year.

Monthly meetings in 2012 will take place at 7:30 p.m. on the third Tuesday of each month at the Crescent Township Municipal Building.


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