Election 2012 Results: Moon's Scappe, Mustio Seek for 44th House District

Republican incumbant Mark Mustio vs. Democrat Mark Scappe.

Two former Moon officials—a Republican incumbent and his Democratic challenger—seek election on Tuesday's ballot for the seat representing District 44 in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

Incumbent Rep. Mark Mustio, a former chairman of the  seeks re-election to the seat. Mustio lost his bid for the Republican nomination in the state's 37th Senate District to Mt. Lebanon software CEO D. Raja. 

He faces Democrat Mark Scappe in the contest. Scappe comes to the race after an unsuccessful bid for a third term on the Moon Area School Board. Moon voters ousted him during the 2011 municipal election. 

Both candidates reside in Moon Township. 

The candidates agreed that infrastructure and education will be central issues on voters' minds today at the ballot box. 

"The underlying issues are transportation funding and education funding," Mustio said. 

"I fought to restore education funding in the (latest Pennsylvania budget)," Mustio said. "I hope the Governor got the message and the cuts won't be so drastic this year." 

Scappe touted his experience on the Moon Area School Board, saying he would work to restore education funding for state school districts. 

"All the state has done is pass the buck down to the local school districts, who then have to pass the buck down to the taxpayers," Scappe said. "The state created this problem 10 to 12 years ago. Now it's up to the state to finish the problem." 

Both candidates also expressed support for local control on Marcellus shale drilling in communities. 

The candidates split on reform to the state's liquor store system: Scappe said he would not support efforts to privatize the state store system. Mustio said he would begin reforming the system by privatizing select stores, allowing them to compete with the state system.

The candidates also differ on women's reproductive issues and abortion: Scappe, who has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood, said he is pro-choice, while Mustio, endorsed by the Pennsylvania LifePAC, is pro-life on the issue. 

M November 06, 2012 at 08:27 PM
After being residents of Moon Township since '85 and recently relocated to TN where living is less expensive, politics not so partisan, etc., as veterans of the Scappe years on the Moon Board of Education and in respect for Mustio's ethics and integrity over the years, we can only hope and pray (since we can't vote!) that Mustio prevails and brings his expertise to a higher level of government where it is much needed!!!!
S November 06, 2012 at 11:10 PM
M, you are delusional if you are insinuating that being a veteran of Scappe's years on the school board is a negative. If you have moved to TN have you seen the new school? Have you seen how it felicitates learning in a manor that will help students' transition to upper education? Have you seen the pride of the residents of Moon Area increase? I guess not. As for Mustio's "ethics and integrity"... thanks for that, I needed a good laugh today.
M November 07, 2012 at 12:39 AM
I moved to TN in July, having purchased a house here the previous August. We thoroughly investigated North Carolina as well, over the last 10 years. I visited many schools. As an educator all of my life in middle schools and high schools as teacher, librarian and substitute in 3 states and 10 districts, I was here for the whole debacle from opening round to student move into the new building. I have not seen how it facilitates, not felicitates learning, in a manner, not manor, that will help students transition to the more sophisticated requirements of higher not upper education, but can attest to how well OLSH accomplished and continues to expedite real student learning at much lower cost per student and renovated a building to LEED gold standards at the same time at proportionately lower cost. I've heard more concerns about school taxes and educational issues over the decades from disgruntled residents at School Board meetings, especially the ones where Mark S was not able to shut down dissent to his virtual dictatorship. People can dissent and differ articulately without questioning another's mental state. I'm glad I gave you a good laugh today. Best,


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