Elections 2012: Scappe Seeks Seat in State House

Scappe, a Democrat, is running unopposed for the Democratic nomination in the April 24 primary for a seat in the state's 44th legislative district.

When Mark Scappe spoke last year at his final meeting as president he told members of the public that they “hadn’t seen the last of Mark Scappe.”

So when county officials approached him by to vie for Rep. Mark Mustio's seat in Pennsylvania's 44th legislative district, Scappe said it seemed like the right time to jump back into politics. 

“Right now I’m door-knocking and out talking to people,” Scappe said. “I’m just trying to hear what their concerns are.”

The Allegheny County Democratic Committee has endorsed Scappe, a Democrat, to replace Mustio, a Republican from Moon, who is also seeking election for the state senate seat in the 44th district, which outgoing Sen. John Pippy, R-Moon, will vacate.

Scappe is running unopposed for the Democratic nomination. He is the president of the Moon Township Transportation Authority and vice president and co-founder of the Coraopolis-based firm RBS Consultants. He has earned degrees from the Electronic Institute of Pittsburgh and Point Park University

Scappe in November his bid for re-election on the school board after serving a 12-year tenure with the district. He said the recent defeat left him unscathed. 

“Every experience and every election is different,” Scappe said. “Whether you win or you loose you take things from those experiences and you try to improve.”

The Cornell alum said his time as school board president could shape is term as a state legislator in Harrisburg.

“When I was serving on the board, I really saw that a lot of the issues we were dealing with were state issues,” Scappe said. “So I think that experience opens up a new light in that I could really see and feel the pain that the school district and the taxpayers were dealing with.

“A lot of the issues are the same; it’s just much broader,” Scappe said. “I think the airport area is under-utilized. We have wings of the airport that are basically empty, so I want us to focus on that and on growing this region and jobs. And once you grow jobs, you attract families.” 

The Pennsylvania primary will be April 24. Click for more information about local races and candidates. Check back with Patch for coverage of other local races and information on candidates. 

clearfield April 04, 2012 at 01:56 PM
Mr. Scappe, you might want to remind voters that Mr. Mustio, and Mr. Pippy both voted along with Governor Corbett to allow the Marcellus Shale gas industry special rights over any other business sector by giving them universal drilling and fracking rights in the state. These two representatives voted to remove the right of all municipalities to create ordinances that would protect their health, safety and welfare, which is the responsibility granted by the state to each municipality. Nor did either representative vote for taxing this industry, or demand significant impact fees. Nor did they vote to make sure that the communities will be protected from harm long after this industry closes up shop and goes elsewhere.
Louisa April 05, 2012 at 11:52 AM
Yes, Mr. Scappe needs to come clean on several issues and let us know where he stands. Is he anti-job growth and will oppose Marcellus Shale drilling? Is he pro-choice like most of the Democratic Party? Will he support my right to own a gun to defend myself, for sport and hunting? What are his opinions on tax reform, and reducing the size of the legislature? If elected will he take taxpayer funded junkets just as he did as a school director? Will he urge the attorney generals office to review the many over budget school construction projects around the state, including those here at Moon? There's a lot Mr. Scappe has to tell us before he'll earn my vote for any office.
Steve Bloom May 03, 2012 at 01:33 AM
Would voting for him be like telling school board members where to go?
hadenuff May 03, 2012 at 02:44 AM
I think its the other way around Steve. The voters already showed Mr. Scappe and his former team the door. Hellllooooo.
Teri Shaw May 03, 2012 at 12:18 PM
Ya but the the public is seeing that we made a big mistake. All Mr. Scappe did was exactly what his team stated they were going to do. Build a New High School and renovate the existing High school to a middle school. You did not have to agree with the construction but he did exactly what he stated. Not like these newly elected officals who say one thing and do another. Steve I agree with you it would show the current board members where to go. Good Luck Mr. Scappe. You have my families and friends support.


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