Ask the Candidates: Submit Your Questions for Mustio, Scappe

Have a question you want your local candidates to answer? Tell us in the comments.

What questions do you have for the candidates vying to serve the Pennsylvania state house's 44th district?

In November, Republican incumbant will take on Democrat Mark Scappe for the district, which includes both Moon and Robinson. 

The two share Moon Township roots: Mustio, a former chairman of the , to replace former Sen. John Pippy in the spring Republican primary for the 37th senatorial district. Scappe, meanwhile, was unseated from the , where he served as president, during the 2011 municipal race. 

Now, we want you to help us compile a list of questions for the candidates. 

As the two prepare to face off in the fall election season, what questions do you have for them? What issues are on your mind this election season? Have any predictions for the race's outcome?

Ask your questions for the candidates in the comments below. 

Peter Sour July 20, 2012 at 04:48 PM
Both candidates would work to disenfranchise voter by reducing voter access by 20% or MORE. Reducing the number state legislators is a pittance compared the waste in state spending. What material spending cuts would each work to effect? Starting with their perks: per-diem, insurance, etc........
lynn September 18, 2012 at 07:16 PM
I would like to ask Mr.Mustio why he supported, and accepted, the "Midnight Pay Raise." Also, he only returned it after the voter uproar and every other legislator returned it. Also, does Mr.Mustio have plans for another Mid-Night Pay grab?


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