Upgrades Planned for University Boulevard, Campus Drive Intersection

Moon Township considers adding a series of improvements for pedestrian travel.

Moon Township Manager Jeanne Creese said a series of improvements will make the intersection of Campus Drive and University Boulevard safer for pedestrians. 

With its proximity to Robert Morris University and Moon Plaza, the area is one of the township's most heavily trafficked pedestrian intersections, Creese said. 

"Between the university and the shopping center, we do see a high volumn of pedestrian traffic there," Creese said. "And it's really been a three-way partnership between the township, university and PennDOT to make safety improvements in that area." 

Creese said the township looks to install traffic signalization that provides a count-down timer for those crossing in each of the intersection's four directions. Crews will also use reflective paint to better designate crosswalk areas in each direction of the intersection. 

Moon supervisor in February authorized traffic engineer firm L.R. Kimball & Associates to conduct a study of the intersection before the township moves forward with any planned upgrades. 

A total cost and time line for the project was not yet available.

The township will use grant money received through the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation's Automated Redlight Enforcement Grant to cover a portion of the project, Creese said. . 

Robert Crytzer March 06, 2013 at 01:57 PM
Best thing to do is dig a tunnel under University Boulevard, so RMU students can safely walk from Campus Drive to Moon Plaza, and back, beneath the busy roadway.
Tom March 06, 2013 at 04:40 PM
Maybe I'm not through that intersection at the right time, but I see only a very few number of students. I think building a tunnel for the pedestrians would be way too costly a solution from the number I've seen. I think a much more cost effective solution would be to consider having a 10-15 second time period when the traffic lights would be red in every direction so the pedestrians wouldn't be competing with a single car in the intersection.
Tom March 06, 2013 at 04:40 PM
Only have the red signal if the pedestrian hits the button, not every signal cycle (if that wasn't obvious).


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