Smallis Charged in $10,000 Walmart Theft

The former daycare owner, who was charged in 2012 with possessing child porn following an investigation in Moon Township, is arrested in Washington County.

Pamela Smallis, a former Moon Township woman who faces trial on drug and child pornography charges, has turned herself in to police in connection to a $10,000 theft from a Washington County Walmart. 

South Strabane Township Police have charged Smallis, 49, with retail theft and conspiracy, according to court records. She was released from Washington County Jail Wednesday on $10,000 bail. 

Smallis is accused of stealing nine iPads and 23 iPods in the early morning hours of Jan. 7 from the Walmart location in South Strabane, according to the Observer-Reporter

The items were valued at nearly $10,000.  Jeremy Stover, 24, and Olivia Domenick, 21, both of Coraopolis, are also charged in the theft. 

The trio is seen on surveillance video in the store's electronics department. Smallis reaches behind the store counter, opens a drawer and removes a set of keys, which the group used to unlock display cases, the newspaper reports. 

Smallis, who now resides in Oakdale, is then seen on the video loading the items into a shopping cart and leaving the store. 

A South Strabane Police detective told the Observer-Reporter that the three are addicted to heroin

Moon Township Police charged Smallis in April 2012 with using her children to sell drugs from her former Stocker Drive home. A non-jury trial on those charges is set for May. 

In September 2012, the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office also charged Smallis, a former daycare owner, with producing and possessing child pornography on her cell phone. A formal arraignment is scheduled for February. 

Smallis is the former owner of the Children's Palace Daycare in Monaca, which is under new ownership, and the Little Folks Daycare in North Fayette, a facility that was shut down by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare in 2010. 

A preliminary hearing on the theft charges is scheduled for Jan. 29 in Washington County.

Yep That's me January 28, 2013 at 02:15 PM
Her mother owns Anderson's Candy in Baden, who do you think is bailing her out. Anyone that patronizes the business where she is currently working and living!
anne January 29, 2013 at 10:48 PM
please dont bring her family into this, they are not bailing her out. Good people work at Andersons and they do not deserve to suffer for what pam has done, and are suffering greatly beacuase of it while she is free to wreak more havoc. Shame on the system that keeps turning her loose
You must either work there or know someone that does. I have met a few great people that work there; just waiting to watch them all start dropping like flies when Mrs. A can't pay them anymore because she has to pay for her daughters mistakes . You are correct in saying emploayees shouldn't suffer, personally I would get out before I was forced out. I also know for a fact that Pam is living between the Baden & Ambridge store. Just ask the old lady that works in Ambridge. You can be nieve all you want, but no mother would ever let her child live on the streets or go to jail. Her mother or sister are posting her bail, eventually the money will run out, and there will no longer be Anderson Candy employees.
Alice Nevada January 30, 2013 at 09:16 PM
The real question is - why do the courts allow her to post bail? and...someone needs a dictionary - and I don't think I need to say who...
free2be January 31, 2013 at 01:44 PM
her attorneys are scumbags too! they parade her on tv as some model citizen--and to say "she'd like to put all this behind her"....makes a mockery out of the justice system! We are tired of her shedding negative news on Moon Twp- we don't want her here or associated with us! She belongs in jail for a very, very long time. She is a true sociopath that sees nothing wrong with her stealing, drug dealing, pornography and corruption of children =hers and other people's children. I hope they throw the book at her!!! I feel sorry for her mother-- -she is a good, hardworking person--- can't always see why a child goes awol as this one does...but she's an adult with 7 or 8 kids- who have to endure her constant humiliation! She makes me sick!!!! why the arrest in Washington county didn't revoke her bond is beyond my understanding..... what's next Pam???? murder?


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