Moon Teen Testifies Man Threatened Her With Handgun

Police say a Moon Township 19-year-old with a lengthy criminal history threatened a group of girls with a gun.

A Moon Township teen testified that a man pulled a nine-millimeter handgun from the waist of his pants, racked its slide and pointed it at her and two friends. 

"I was scared I was going to loose my life right there," the teen testified Tuesday in Coraopolis District Court

Magisterial Judge Mary Murray held three count each of simple assault, recklessly endangering another person and making terroristic threats against 19-year-old Johnathan Jaquay, of Moon Township. 

Police said Jaquay, who resides on Colony West Drive, was involved in an argument Sept. 22 with the teen and her friends at the Fox Hollow apartment complex.

The teenager testified that after she called Jaquay a slur, he threatened to "go get his nine," and come back for her and her friends. 

The next day, she saw Jaquay outside of her College Park Drive apartment building, where she also met two of her friends. Jaquay demanded an apology for the previous day's altercation.  

When the teen refused to apologize, Jaquay pointed the at gun the girls, pulling back its slide as if to chamber a round, she testified. 

Police later identified the weapon as a nine-millimeter handgun registered to Jaquay's father. 

"I just saw him cock it back and that's when I ducked," she said. 

Jaquay was arrested later that day at the Colony West apartment he shares with his father. 

Officer Ian Lucas said Jaquay gave a statement following his arrest, denying that he possessed the gun and threatened the girls.

Jaquay said he was involved only in an argument with one of their boyfriends over a dime bag of marijuana, Lucas said. 

Jaquay pleaded guilty in June to charges that he broke into Kmart on Beaver Grade Road and days later stole a Mercedes Benz from Beaver Grade Road. He was sentenced to two years probation stemming from those incidents, according to court records. 

He remains lodged at the Allegheny County Jail. Murray also issued him a no-contact order with the girls involved in the incident. 

Patch does not publish the names of minors who are victims or alleged victims of crimes. 

Kitty October 08, 2012 at 12:06 PM
How about putting this guy away long enough for those girls to finish high school and go away to college.
M November 18, 2012 at 04:09 AM
I second that + investigation into why his father allowed his son access to the weapon in some way (lack of supervision? lack of locking up gun securely?? lack of training in acceptable social behavior/anger management/conflict resolution etc.) and judicial system that allowed this young miscreant to develop and continue to be a threat to society????


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