Prowler Charged with Lurking Outside of Women's Apartments

Moon Police say a Mercer County man viewed women from outside of their windows for sexual gratification.

early today  a Mercer County man with prowling outside the windows of Moon Township apartments to watch women undress inside. 

Brian R. Williams, 36, of Greenville, is charged with seven counts of invasion of privacy, defiant trespass and loitering and prowling at night. 

Police said they found Williams loitering on the evening of March 26 outside the window of a woman's apartment at the Waterford Landing complex. They said he gave a statement admitting that he repeatedly traveled to Moon Township to look in windows and observe women in various states of undress. 

Williams told police that he watched women ages 19 to 31 for "the purpose of sexual gratification" and sometimes masturbated while watching the women from outside their windows, according to a police report. Moon Police Chief Leo McCarthy said Williams was carrying personal lubricant in his pocket when police arrested him this week outside the apartment complex. 

Police said Williams targeted both Waterford Landing off Brodhead Road and the apartments off Beaver Grade Road. Police had installed surveillance cameras outside Waterford Landing apartments after more than two years of complaints about a peeping tom in the area. 

Several women at the apartment complexes have reported spotting a man standing outside their apartment window as they were changing their clothes at night or finding footprints outside of their apartments. Others had no idea that they were being observed while they were nude or changing clothes, police said. 

Greenville Police Sgt. Paul Molton said Williams was not under investigation in Greenville and that the department has had no recent similar complaints related to nighttime prowling. 

It is unclear why Williams targeted Moon Township apartment complexes. A date for a preliminary hearing in Coraopolis District Court has not been set. 

jane doe April 07, 2012 at 02:28 AM
regardless of what he did, you don't need to say a word about where he does or doesnt work. his dignity may be shot, but you should look after yours a little more closely. this isn't middle school.
James April 07, 2012 at 09:25 AM
actually Jane Doe it does. there could be additional victims at those places. what needs to happen is we need to expose and embarass these sexual deviants and perverts. Moon needs a neighborhood watch. We need to take our streets and communities back.
jane doe April 07, 2012 at 11:22 AM
i agree that there should be a neighborhood watch, that the streets and communities and the streets should be taken back. i do agree with that. this is an absolutely terrifying situation and he should absolutely be in jail..but i worked with him for many years, met his family. the company and his family however, none of them deserved the crap they're going through because of this. it's embarrassing to THEM..sure the deviants should be exposed for their terrible actions..but leave it at that, you know? i mean no disrespect to anyone, and it's such a good thing that he got caught, but there are so many other people involved who knew nothing of his actions (ie, family, coworkers, friends). he's hurt a lot of people and HE is the only one that should be paying the price for what hes done, not anyone else.
anon April 11, 2012 at 03:05 PM
uh .. no........ no special privileges for the criminal. he should have thought of that. what a joke
jane doe April 11, 2012 at 03:27 PM
and if someone in your family did it? certainly youd want special privileges. i said nothing about him..just his family and job.


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