Update: Masked Robbers Hold Up Family Video at Gunpoint

Suspects flee with money from the store's cash drawer. No one is injured in the holdup.

said two men carrying guns robbed on Fifth Avenue late Monday night. 

Police said the men, wearing black hoodies with black bandanas covering their faces, pointed a semi-automatic gun at a store employee's face and demanded all of the money in the store's cash register. 

Two store employees were the only people present during the incident. No injuries were reported. 

Store manager Rich Rodi said he and a fellow employee were getting ready to close the store when the men walked in through the front entrance and pointed a gun at him. 

"Your first reaction is to put your hands up," Rodi said. "But they were really calm. They said, 'Just don't yell, don't call anyone and it will be fine.'

"The whole thing lasted less than a minute," he said. 

Rodi told police that two white men, both around 5-foot-8, entered the store at about 10:45 p.m., wearing hoodies with their faces covered by both the bandanas and large, possibly aviator-style sunglasses. 

"They weren't really big or really lanky," he said. "They looked really young." 

Police said the suspects demanded that the employees sit on the floor after handing over the store's cash drawer, which contained about $500. 

The suspects fled after taking the money; the employees did not see how they left.

Rodi said Family Video's Fifth Avenue location has had no similar incidents during his time with the company, but he said the video rental chain's New Brighton location was robbed several weeks ago. 

Police said a store surveillance camera captured the incident. 


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