Write to PECO and unequivocally state your refusal to have a "smart meter" installed. If already installed, demand its removal.
        Write to:
        Shawane L. Lee
        Council for PECO Energy Company
        2301 Market Street, S23-1
        P.O.Box 8699
        Philadelphia, PA 19101-8699
        Direct dial phone number: 215-841-6841
        File a FORMAL WRITTEN complaint to the PA Public Utilities Commussion, and send it to:
        Rosemary Chiavetta, Secretary
        Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission
        400 North Street, Keystone Building
        Harrisburg, PA 17120
        The PUC form is here: http://www.puc.pa.gov/general/onlineforms/pdf/official_complaint_form_final.pdf
        Send this letter (edited for your situation) to PECO and PUC with all correspondence:
        PECO will put you on a special list for installation-PECO themselves will have to install the meter, not a sub-contractor. I did all this and have kept them at bay for a year and a half. If everyone does this it will disrupt PECO's installations. If PECO installs 660,000 meters, the government will give them $200 million.
        Also protest the head of the PUC advocating for the "smart meters." He is supposed to represent the people, not the special interests. Thank you.
        Tom McCarey


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