Work on Autumn Woods Landslide Still Stalled

Repairs to a worsening landslide near Becks Run and Flaugherty Run roads have yet to begin.

A spokeswoman for the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection said the agency is giving a Moon developer "some leeway" to begin work on a landslide near Flaugherty Run Road. 

Moon-based developer NewPointe Realty signed a consent order in July with the DEP, agreeing to to repair the landslide.

Two weeks after that deadline, work has not yet begun on the . 

DEP spokeswoman Lisa Kasianowitz said the department would likely not begin enforcing sanctions against the developer immediately because of the scale of the project. 

Since 2007, an improperly installed storm-water basin at the foot of the 34-unit Autumn Woods development has pushed sediment downward toward Flaugherty Run Road, uprooting trees, eroding land and threatening to dam Flaugherty Run. NewPointe Realty owns the hillside. 

Moon Township Engineer Malcom Petroccia said the landslide has seen this year. 

"It's a massive project, but we will be sending the developer the letter if he doesn't start shortly," said Kasianowitz.

Kasianowitz said if work does not begin soon on the landslide, the DEP will issue a letter to the developer, fining NewPointe $250 per day until work begins. 

Kasianowitz said that though work has not yet begun, NewPointe has secured a contracting firm to handle the hillside reconstruction. 

Moon Township Manager Jeanne Creese said the developer had to purchase additional property in order to construct a new storm-water basin for the development, which delayed the start of construction. 

Creese said the developer is in violation of its storm-water management agreement with the township. The has voted to withhold bond reductions and building permits from the developer.

Creese said the township has been in contact with the DEP regarding the project and has received an open records request from an Autumn Woods resident for a copy of the DEP consent order. 

NewPointe Realty could not be reached for comment. 


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