Crescent Awaits Results of McCutcheon Way Landslide Study

The township is still waiting for the results of a geotechnical study on the roadway.

Officials in are still waiting for the results of a study conducted to determine a remedy for the .

The roadway, which leads to the township's Shouse Park, has been closed since late May after reports of its . 

The Crescent Board of Commissionersin June approved a geotechnical study for the roadway meant to determine a course of action to correct the slide, which shuttered the road and Shouse Park for the summer season due to safety concerns. 

"The study was supposed to take six weeks to complete, but we are now sitting on at least seven weeks," said Crescent Township manager Patience Eckhardt.

The township spent $14,835 on the study and another $2,000 to prepare the road for the study. 

Eckhardt said if the results of the study are not received by today, the board will not discuss the landslide at its meeting tonight.  

"Best case scenario, it was a fluke and we can re-open the road," she said. "Worst case scenario, we will have to pay to have it repaired, and the soft estimate we were given for what it will cost is $200,000."

Check back with Patch Wednesday morning for coverage of the meeting.  


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