Valentine's Day Spurs Sales for Moon Chocolatiers

Trello Cioccolato offers up Valentine's Day confections with a Pittsburgh twist.

For Valentine's Day, there's no better gift than chocolate, said Moon Township-based chocolatier Pat Trello. 

Trello and his family seven years ago launched Trello Cioccolato, a business that sells confections from both its website and Beaver Grade Road store. 

He said the business, which frequently ships candy to customers across the country, sees an uptick in sales during the Valentine's season. 

"It's really Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day," said Trello of the holidays that woo would-be gift buyers into purchasing chocolate. 

Chocolate roses, lips, dipped strawberries and a one-pound, heart-shapped hunk of chocolate are all included in the store's Valentine's inventory, Trello said. 

"Well, I think women love chocolate, Trellow said. "It's a feel-good product. Everyone likes it, and a nice box of chocolates as a gift means you love someone." 

After the family-run business opened its doors, it soon landed a licensing deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers for use of the team's logos. The store is the only carrier of Steelers-themed chocolate products, which range from candies emblazoned with the city's skyline to Terrible Towel chocolate bars. 

"And we sell those products around the world, because there are Pittsburgh people around the world," Trello said. "Those products bring a little piece of Pittsburgh to people, and that really can mean a lot to them." 

Lisa Rae Vaughan February 14, 2013 at 06:28 PM
Trello Cioccolato rules! The flavor is so much superior to any other brand. And it's in Moon Township. Buy American, buy local.


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