Hurricane Isaac Expected to Hike Moon, Robinson Gas Prices

AAA officials have said that Hurricane Isaac may cause prices to rise at the pump.

Pennsylvania gas prices could rise as much as 25 cents in the next week, according to AAA. 

Hurricane Isaac, which is predicted to make landfall on the Gulf Coast during Wednesday's early morning hours, is expected shut down offshore drilling rigs, officials from AAA have said. 

The National Hurricane Center forecasts the hurricane traveling at a speed of 75 miles per hour, hitting land from an area southwest of New Orleans. 

The cheapest unleaded gas in Moon and Robinson townships can be found at GetGo and Sheetz. 

and locations on University Boulevard and Steubenville Pike, respectively, listed the price of a gallon of regular, unleaded gas as $3.79.

on University Boulevard also carried regular, unleaded for $3.79. 

The storm has prompted evacatuations along a wide area of the Gulf Coast. 

Gas prices in the Patch are already above the national norm—the average price for a gallon of fuel nationwide is $3.75 and $3.76 in Pennsylvania, according to AAA's own figures. 


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