Swarm of Bees Causing Problems on the PA Turnpike

A large swarm of bees at the Valley Forge interchange in King of Prussia has engulfed an entire light above one tollbooth.

Swarm of bees on the PA Turnpike (credit: Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission)
Swarm of bees on the PA Turnpike (credit: Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission)

You’ll be glad if you have E-ZPass today, and not just for the reduced tolls.

A swarm of bees on a Pennsylvania Turnpike tollbooth that caused officials to reconfigure traffic this morning may be there through the evening rush, according to media reports.

The bees, located at the Valley Forge interchange in King of Prussia, have engulfed an entire light above one tollbooth and several bees were seen flying nearby, Action News reported.

Officials are warning drivers to keep their windows rolled up as they drive through the area. No injuries have been reported. 

Officials told CBS Philly that the honey bees cannot be killed and must be removed from the area.


Country1st June 19, 2014 at 10:20 AM
Glad to hear that they don't kill them --
Deneen Roberts Cirafisi June 19, 2014 at 01:40 PM
I'd like to know when and where is there a law in the State of Pennsylvania that states they cannot be killed? Exterminators advertise exterminating them, not 'removing' them. So how is it they "cannot be killed"? Also, did the officials do any testing on the honey bees to be sure they aren't carrying any infectious diseases, which honey bees have been known to do in Pennsylvania, and/or be sure the honey bees were native honey bees and not the African Killer Bees that have taken up residence in Pennsylvania in the not so distant past? I looked through the State Laws and I haven't not found anything stating that honey bees cannot be killed/exterminated. The only reference I found was that it is illegal for anyone to intentionally expose honey bees to infectious diseases. The State regulates the beekeepers.....they don't regulate a swarm of bees that stage a mutiny on the turnpike toll booths. For all we know, those could've been African Killer Bees or honey bees carrying infectious viruses. It's great to love nature....but nature can also have its consequences.
Dan JD June 19, 2014 at 03:56 PM
Well, seeing as bees are extremely important to the survival of our species and many others, as well as the fact that their populations have been plummeting, it is a good idea not to kil them. That's from more of a moral/survival standpoing and not a legal one though. As far as I know there is no PA law preventing the killing of bees.
Frank DiIorio June 19, 2014 at 03:48 PM
OK, isn't *anybody* going post anything with the word "buzzkill"? Going once, going twice, ...


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