Nearby: Nutbrown’s Christmas Tree Farm Tradition Continues in Collier Township

Find out where you can cut down a Christmas tree in the area.

Nutbrown’s Christmas Tree Farm in Collier Township, one of the only places around where you can choose and chop down your own tree, is open again for the holiday season.

The tree farm is drawing a crowd with unseasonably warm weather over the weekend.

Henry Nutbrown, who owns the 12-acre farm along McMichael Road with his wife, Sue, said he’ll take this warmer weather even though most of the customers are pining for the white stuff.

“Everybody comes out and says they wish we had a little snow. Not me,” Nutbrown told Chartiers Valley Patch. “I’ll take some snow on the 24th of December. It can snow as much as it wants then.”

The farm, which Nutbrown’s parents purchased in 1939, has been selling Christmas trees since the late 1960s. It has about 3,500 fir trees in different stages, along with more trees on another farm in Greene County.

The business has turned into a family tradition for many area families that like to pick a tree and cut it down themselves.

Nutbrown said even a little rain on Sunday didn’t deter people from coming out to pick a Christmas tree.

“People just kept coming irregardless of the rain,” Nutbrown said. “With a Christmas tree, when you want to get it, and you get it. … Once people have made up their minds, then that decision is set in cement.”

The farm, which will be selling trees until Dec. 23, is open weekdays from noon to 7 p.m. and on weekends from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. A saw and twine is provided, and workers will help people cut down the trees if needed.

The family’s son Michael, and wife, Leigh, also sell homemade wreaths and quilts on the property during the season.

The trees are $50 after taxes. For more information about the Nutbrown’s Christmas Tree Farm, call 412-787-5048 or go to www.nutbrownschristmastrees.com.



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