KDKA: Naked Man Spotted on North Park Trails

Police want to talk to the man to see if he is a naturalist or if something sinister is going on, KDKA reported.

KDKA is reporting that a naked man has been spotted strolling the trails of North Park.

Police would like to talk to the man to see if he is a naturalist or if something more sinister is going on, KDKA reporter John Shumway said.

The man has been spotted on trails in the far eastern end of North Park, near Hemlock Apartments in Hampton, according to KDKA.

The TV station interviewed a woman who was walking her dog about 10 a.m. Wednesday when she “saw someone out of the corner of my eye. I looked over and there was an older man walking, with like pure white hair, kind of a bigger build and he was completely naked, strolling through the woods.

“He casually turned to look at me and then casually turned away. Not a care in the world.”

The woman said she “turned around and hightailed it out very quickly.”

One neighbor told KDKA that, with the weather turning cold, the problem might take care of itself.


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