International Student Exchange Program: Host Family Wanted

Hello everyone! My name is Lyndon Nicholas and I work for an organization called Youth for Understanding. We are a non-profit high school youth exchange program that works with students from over 60 different countries. Currently, we have students in the area still in need of host families, and are looking for families who would like to get involved in our cause. Here are three of our many students waiting to welcome you into their lives.


Max lives in a small town in northern Germany with his parents. Max is interested in trying some of our popular American sports, as he considers himself an athlete. As a young child, Max helped his mother in the kitchen; as a result, one of Max's main interests is cooking and baking - he says that he is excited to prepare a German meal or bake a cake for his American family. In addition to helping in the kitchen, Max enjoys earning his keep by helping his Dad with home repairs. Max loves learning languages; he feels they are very important. Besides learning English, he has taken Russian and French classes. Max and his family used to live in Russia, so Max knows what it is like to be the new kid on the block and is ready for it again. He is fascinated by American culture and hopes to see a lot of the diverse American landscape!


Laura, who likes to be called Marie (her middle name), is an active girl involved in dance and school activities. She is in a couple of different dance groups. Other musical activities include playing the piano, guitar and recorder. She is an avid volleyball player and would like to continue that while on exchange. She is involved in political activities at the school which she really enjoys. Marie was on a school exchange to France and she says that is where her interest in exchange really began. Her goal is to learn the different culture and lifestyle of the United States. Marie wants to improve her English and develop her character. She enjoys meeting new people and she is ready to deal with the challenges and cope with everything that happens. She writes, "I would like to say thank you for thinking about taking me as your exchange student, and maybe we will see us soon!"


A future architect, willing to prepare lasagna and “bee sting” cake for you, Katharina from Germany is anxious to begin her adventure in the United States. Described by her teacher as helpful, adaptable, tolerant, open-minded, and social, she will not only be a good student, but a wonderful addition to your family. At home, Katharina assists with her younger siblings around the home where needed. She values time with her family and can be found on weekends and holidays traveling and spending time with her family hiking, skiing, playing games or watching videos. She has a cousin who lives in the US who has created great interest in American culture. Academic interests for Katharina include Math, history and English. Outside of school you can find her performing artistic gymnastics, playing her clarinet, playing volleyball, snowboarding, reading, or hanging out with her friends. A well-traveled young lady, Katharina has traveled to Italy, England, Greece and most of the countries bordering Germany. Thankful for this opportunity to be a YFU exchange student, she states, “I really appreciate your willingness to host me.”

Max, Laura, and Katharina are just three of many YFU students looking for host families for the upcoming school year! Interested in hosting one of our students or just want some more information about our many programs? Feel free to contact us! You can reach me either by phone at (617) 868 3660 ext: 1106 or by email at lnicholas@yfu.org. Hope to hear from you soon, a once in a lifetime opportunity is waiting!



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