International Student Exchange Program: Host Family Wanted

Hello everyone! My name is Elizabeth Allen and I work for an organization called Youth for Understanding. We are a non-profit high school youth exchange program that works with students from over 60 different countries. Currently, we have students in the area still in need of host families, and are looking for families who would like to get involved in our cause. Here are three of our many students waiting to welcome you into their lives.


Abdul from Pakistan is a charismatic young man with a perceptive mind and a refreshing sense of humor. He's very grateful to his future host family, noting, "It is very generous of you folks to accommodate exchange students. I very much realize your sacrifice and fully appreciate it." Abdul is an excellent student with outstanding English skills. Abdul says that perhaps what he enjoys more than anything is a good debate about anything that stimulates his open mind. His interests include reading, swimming, badminton, movies, religious activities, video games, and the occasional game of basketball with his friends. Fascinated by America, Abdul can't wait to live with a host family, an experience he says will provide "insight no amount of money or visits can deliver." He's also excited to share his culture with you. Moreover, Abdul is determined to take this opportunity to make a difference, both in the U.S. and back home in Pakistan.


Helene, or as her friends call her, "Cathy", is an extremely wonderful student from Germany who would like to become a part of your family. Cathy loves animals! At home in her house in the country side, she has a dog named Sam, which she loves taking for walks and playing with. She also has a pony named Snoppy, who she will often take for walks with the girls that she babysits, and the girls love taking turns riding Snoppy! She and her best friend love walking their dogs to the horse stables, working on keeping the horse stables clean, and exercising the horses. She is also very interested in the English language and American culture in general. She and a friend love to watch American football--one of the things she is looking forward to is possibly seeing an American football game live during her exchange year. Cathy is grateful to her future host family and is excited to meet them!


          Ferdinand from Germany has played the piano for 9 years and he loves ball sports, especially handball. He plays the piano daily and handball on a team. He would like to play some sort of ball sport while on exchange. Ferdinand has a good relationship with his younger sister and older brother. His family enjoys movies and almost every weekend, they attend sporting or music events together. They also frequently visit relatives. Ferdinand’s chores at home include doing the dishes, taking the trash out and feeding their three cats. He also helps in the garden. Ferdinand gets good grades in school and would like to be a sports physician someday. His favorite subject is geography but he also likes history and physics. For a long time he has wanted to experience living in the USA and the thanks you for your “readiness to host an exchange student”!

Abdul, Helene, and Ferdinand are just three of many YFU students looking for host families for the upcoming school year! Interested in hosting one of our students or just want some more information about our many programs? Feel free to contact us! You can reach me either by phone at (617) 868 3660 ext: 1101 or by email at eallen@yfu.org. Hope to hear from you soon, a once in a lifetime opportunity is waiting!



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