2014 Summer Camps for TEENS

Fun and Unique Summer Camps for TEENS
Fun and Unique Summer Camps for TEENS
Summer is coming! 

If you have teens who are natural-born leaders, check out the camp I Want to be an Ambassador! Join Team Luminari and other area teens this summer for an experience of a lifetime. Your teen will sharpen cultural awareness, sensitivity and respect for others; Break down barriers and misconceptions by identifying the nuances of proper etiquette and protocol during social situations; and Contribute to activities that embrace and celebrate their differences.

And if your teen loves creative writing and journalism, also check out the Teen Writer! camps through Luminari. It's a word world - and our ability to communicate through new technology means our words now reach around the world in a matter of seconds! Through Teen Writer! young people will learn creative techniques to become more effective and interesting writers.

For any budding teen "Foodies" in Pittsburgh, there's a great new camp offered by Luminari, Camp Delicious is an excellent way to celebrate the season and teens will learn to create delicious meals, explore local gardens and farmers markets, and taste different flavors and food combinations to broaden their culinary horizons. 

These are all fantastic ways to keep your teens engaged this summer! For more information call (412) 877 - 1888 or visit www.luminari.org. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter too!


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